Other projects

Toslink CNC

ToslinkCNC is our answer to grounding and interference issues commonly experienced with DIY and low-cost CNC machines. Instead of investing in shielding opto-couplers, we have used low-cost fibre optic cables to change the wiring approach on CNC machines. Stepper motor and driver are placed closely together, preferably in a shielded box, and receive only stabilized DC input and command signals via the optic cable. The controller itself is placed safely away from the machine and thus completely decoupled. The ToslinkCNC transceiver board co-located with the stepper and driver provides step, direction and enable signals as well as an opto-coupled input for a limit switch and an output for enabling peripherals. ToslinkCNC transceiver boards can be daisy-chained to minimize optical wiring required.


Precise XY

We have observed a lack of a low-cost and simple to construct 3 axis linear translation systems for use in scientific and research applications, ranging from laser beam profiling to automation in plant sciences. PreciseXY project aim to introduce a low-cost and yet precise and stable translation system ready for integration in any project with minimal work.


Mini mill

Following our habit of making things simple, affordable and good enough, but nevertheless hi-tech and reliable, we are preparing PlanetCNC MiniCNC machine for open hardware release. This machine is used primarily for milling of precision aluminium parts and circuit boards.

Please note that we no longer actively support this project.

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