Workshop: Troublemaker 3D printer

Workshop: Troublemaker 3D Printer

When? 19th and 20th November at 10am

Where? Maribor, Slovenia


On this workshop you will assemble your own working 3D printer and gain a lot of knowledge about its operation. Starting from full kit of materials you'll step by step assemble 3D printer with the help of our mentors, then calibrate it and make your first 3D print with it.

At the end of the workshop your machine will be up and running and you'll be fully equipped to use it.

We'll start our building process from a full kit of materials, which includes:

  • All hardware (threaded and smooth rods, screws, nuts, washers, belts, bearings etc.)
  • Plywood housing
  • Acrylic cover
  • Pre-soldered and programmed electronics
  • 24V Heated build surface
  • Stepper Motors
  • 3D printed parts
  • Steel rods
  • E3D Nozzle assembly and extruder drive mechanism
  • Power supply
  • Glass print bed
  • SD card
  • other small commonly available parts.

What do you need?

  • Laptop
  • DIY spirit and motivation
  • Torx T10 screwdriver
  • Electrical flat screwdriver

Price: 1190,00 EUR

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