Affordable & useful open source CNC machines

Please note that we no longer actively support this project.

Effectively Open

Open source, open hardware with all technical documentation, including step by step assembly instructions, available online.

Made to empower

Use of standard components, which can be easily sourced anywhere around the globe and some 3d printed, laser cut parts. Machines can be built with basic tools found in any garage and independently serviced and updgraded.


Suitable for a wide range of applications: from prototyping to micro production covering manufacturing process for different materials: wood, plastics, metal.


For designers, engineers and all other creators.

We made some calculations:

You can decide to build the machine starting from kit following step by step assembly instructions with our online support or join one of our workshops in the city near you.

"Suitcase" kit + online workshop

Full kit + workshop

If you have some extra hours to spend you can DIY the whole process, from sourcing the materials to building the machine. The complete documentation with bill of materials, required tools and step-by-step instructions are all available online.

From source

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