Troublemaker 3D printer

Effectively open

Made with widely available parts, the enclosure can be laser or cnc cut.

Improved design

Improved Version of highly popular open-source 3D printer Ultimaker Original - fully enclosed with enclosure design allowing for easy heated chamber upgrade and enlarged build volume to 300 mm x 300 mm x 300 mm.

DIY friendly

Complete kit of assembly parts available together with CAD files, technical documentation and step-by-step assembly instructions. Easy to build, upgrade or fix.

Open-source and open-hardware

Published under open-source open-hardware licenses. You can share or modify it for any purpose, even commercially.

Projects made with Troublemaker 3D printer

Please note that we no longer actively support this project.


Troublemaker v2
Base price 990 EUR for full KIT (available from Fabrikor)
Printing Specifications
Build volume (mm) 300 X 300 X 300
Auto levelling Optional
Minimal layer height (mm) 0.05
Steps/mm (X & Y) 80
HotEnd 1 X E3D-V6 1.75 mm (swappable with any E3D)
Travel speed (mm/s) 200
Print speed (mm/s) 150
Heated bed Yes - 24V or 230V
Mechanical Specifications
Desktop size (mm) 460 X 440 X 660
Frame Plywood
Linear rails 8 mm ground hardened steel
Electrical Specifications
Supply Voltage (V AC) 240 or 110
Supply connection Switched and fused IEC Socket. Lead not provided.
Power supply

1 X 24V 100W

1 X 24V 350W (if 24V bed)

Electronics control board RUMBA + LCD
Motor drivers 4 X DRV8825 (X,Y,Z,E)

X: 46 Ncm 1.8°

Y: 46 Ncm 1.8°

Z: 46 Ncm 1.8°

Software Specifications
Recommended slicing software



Build Time
From full-kit 12h
Please note that we no longer actively support this project.

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